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"Räuberhöhle" temporarily moves into the "Engelsburg"

The student hall of residence at Plauener Weg 8 on the University of Erfurt campus is to be renovated. In March, Thuringia's Minister for Economic Affairs, Science and Digital Society, Wolfgang Tiefensee, handed over a corresponding grant to the Thuringian Student Services Organisation (Studierendenwerk). The flexible childcare centre "Räuberhöhle" will also have to relocate for the duration of the construction work. The children will then be temporarily supervised in the "Engelsburg" (in the former university shop WIESEL). The Student Services Organisation has now informed the parents of the "Räuberhöhle" children in a circular letter.

It states: "Construction work is already in full swing at Allerheiligenstraße 20. 'Engelsburg' is located in the heart of Erfurt and is eleven minutes away from the University of Erfurt by public transport, seven minutes by car or bike. The nearby playgrounds will also enrich childcare there."

The move is expected to take place in the 14th and 15th calendar week. Flexible childcare will not be available during this time. However, parents can contact Lena Schuster (phone: 0151 544 68 227, e-mail: lena.schuster@stw-thueringen.de), the responsible employee at Student Services Organisation, for individual solutions. Flexible childcare is expected to be open again from 15 April.