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Religion in the Roman Empire (RRE)

Jörg Rüpke (Managing Director)

Editors: Jan Dochhorn (Durham), Maren Niehoff (Jerusalem), Rubina Raja (Aarhus), Christoph Riedweg (Zürich), Jörg Rüpke (Erfurt), Christopher Smith (St Andrews), Moulie Vidas (Princeton), Markus Vinzent (London), and Annette Weissenrieder (Halle)

Associate Editors: Nicole Belayche (Paris), Kimberly Bowes (Philadelphia), John Curran (Belfast), Richard Gordon (Erfurt), Gesine Manuwald (London), Volker Menze (Budapest), Blossom Stefaniw (Halle), and Greg Woolf (Los Angeles)

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Volume 8 (2022) / Issue 1
ISSN 2199-4463 (Print Edition)
ISSN 2199-4471 (Online Edition)
179.00 Euro (Price for institutions including VAT) / 49.00 Euro (Price for individuals)
Volume 8 (2022) / Price per volume (3 issues with approx. 430 pages)


  1. Georg Wissowa on Roman Religion of the Imperial Period, RRE 8 (1). Special issue (2022), edited by Elisabeth Begemann and Jörg Rüpke.
  2. "Early Christianity in the Framework of Roman Religion: Georg Wissowa", in RRE 8 (1) (2022), 4-22, with Jörg Rüpke.
  3. "The Correspondence between Georg Wissowa and Franz Cumont, 1888 to 1913", in RRE 8 (1) (2022), 114-156.

Religion in the Roman Empire (RRE) is bold in the sense that it intends to further and document new and integrative perspectives on religion in the Ancient World combining multidisciplinary methodologies. [...] Each volume consists of three issues a year, each of approximately 130 pages in length. It includes an editorial, five to seven main articles, and book reviews. All articles and contributions that exceed 8 pages in length are subject to double-blind peer reviews. Submissions will be anonymized for that purpose. All articles and contributions are in English."

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