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Rights of Alleged Victims in Penal Proceedings. Provisions in Canon Law and the Criminal Law of Different Legal Systems

Myriam Wijlens and Charles J. Scicluna (Eeds.)


Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2023
ISBN: 978-3-7560-0037-1
343 pages
84 EUR
(also available as e-book)

On the content
The rights of minor victims of abuse in criminal proceedings are receiving increasing attention. They are laid down in international standards and received and further developed in national legal systems. In addition to these standards, the book highlights the provisions of a total of nine countries and four studies and suggests improvements in the canonical criminal procedures of the Roman Catholic Church. The new book is a unique collection of contributions written by leading authorities in the field of the rights and protection of underage victims of sexual abuse in the state sphere. From their studies emerge proposals by canon lawyers for improving the criminal procedure law of the Roman Catholic Church.

With contributions by
Mark L. Bartchak | Jorge Cardona Llorens | Nicholas Cowdery | María Inés Franck | Jane Goodman-Delahunty | Aidan McGrath | Mary Graw Leary | Ma. Liza Miscala Jorda | Gianpaolo Montini | Raphaële Parizot | Livia Pomodoro | Frauke Rostalski | Fabián Salvioli | Charles J. Scicluna | Malgorzata Skorzewska-Amberg | Myriam Wijlens