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Schreibwerkstatt Deutsch

2. Nov 2023, 4.00 pm - 6.00 pm
Lernwerkstatt (Audimaxgebäude, AMG) (C01)
International Office and Lernwerkstatt
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university public

An offer by the tutors of the International Office

The Schreibwerkstatt Deutsch  (Writing Workshop) offers full international students individual supervision of essays, seminar papers, presentations as well as discussions and error explanations. The tutors offer help with such tasks and can thus gain teaching experience in
an international and DaF environment!

The writing workshop will be offered every 14 days from 2 November.

As a tutor, you have a time commitment of max. 2 hours per month. Preparation is not necessary. Informal application to:

to register as a tutor