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Statement of the 22nd StuRa - "Against any racist act"

After the racist attack against a minor in a tram last weekend in Erfurt, the Student Council of the University of Erfurt stands in solidarity with him and all BIPOC*-students or students of self-identified ethnic and racial minorities who were and still are mentally or physically affected by this attack.

It is our duty to help build up an anti-racist campus and to support our BIPOC*-students or students of self-identified ethnic and racial minorities to feel safe to take up and/or continue their studies in Erfurt.

We as the student council, therefore want to raise awareness about racism 1) as everyday experiences and 2) as a structural phenomenon, both of which can shape the life of many of our students. We feel deeply sorry for the victim of the violence, and every student who has been affected by this and similar experiences. This horrific incident again shows us that being a non-racist is not enough, anti-racism work is vital for the saftey and wellbeing of many of our students, which we - as the student body - commit to continuously work on, to build a better and safer university, and by extension, a safer society for all.

You can find our statement in full length on the right. 

Mental Health Counceling

We would like to draw your attention to some resources related to mental health counseling available for affected students and anti-racism actions inside or outside of the university:

Student Helpline - 0361 30252964, www.uni-erfurt.de/go/sorgentelefon 

International Affairs Departmen of StuRa - stura.international@uni-erfurt.de

Antidiscrimination Unit of StuRa - stura.antidisk@uni-erfurt.de

International Office - international@uni-erfurt.de; 0361 737-5033

EZRA: Consulting for survivors of right-wing, racist or antisemitic violence - info@ezra.de; 0361 21865133; www.ezra.de