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Svenja Zauke receives CHF 10,000 from the dlv research fund

Svenja Zauke, a doctoral student at the University of Erfurt, has received CHF 10,000 (Swiss francs) from the Research Fund of the German-Swiss Speech and Language Pathologists' Association (DLV) to conduct her dissertation study, "The use of the 'Focus on Communication Success among Six' (FOCUS©-G & FOCUS©-34-G) - Investigation into communicative participation among children with speech development disorders (SES) of preschool age".

The research fund finances or participates financially in research projects to gain knowledge in all areas of speech therapy, both subject-specific and professional. The aim is to strengthen research activity and underline its importance. In Switzerland, there is a need to catch up in speech therapy research. The fund supports research activities in the field of speech therapy that are carried out in Switzerland and by persons based in Switzerland.