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Theological Research Centre Welcomes Professor Ulrike Wagner-Rau as a Fellow

The Theological Research Centre welcomes Professor Ulrike Wagner-Rau as a Fellow at the University of Erfurt in January. She was Professor of Practical Theology in Marburg until her retirement in 2018 and Director of the Hans von Soden Institute at the Philipps University of Marburg from 2016 to 2020. She has also held numerous positions in the church and academia.

Professor Ulrike Wagner-Rau

She came into contact with the University of Erfurt through various conferences and a working group on ritual research, i.e. research into life-long ritual practice, in which she worked together with Professor Benedikt Kranemann, a liturgy scientist from Erfurt.

As a practical theologian, Ulrike Wagner-Rau is primarily concerned with the theory of religious practice in the present day. In addition to the theory of pastoral care, her research foci also include pastoral psychology, the professional theory of the Protestant pastoral profession as well as gender theory and feminist theological approaches in practical theology. "During my stay in Erfurt, I will now complete a research project on religious transformations in the context of death and dying and the resulting challenges for church practice," explains the theologian.

Anyone who would like to experience her "live" will have the opportunity to do so on 29 January at 7.15 p.m. She will then give a lecture entitled "Living in the Environment of Death. Religious Transformation and Church Practice" at the University of Erfurt. She will also present parts of her project at the Theological Research Centre.

Ulrike Wagner-Rau is no stranger to the Thuringian capital. "I've been here both as a tourist and as a speaker at a major conference on funeral culture," explains the 71-year-old. And was obviously already impressed by the city back then. And that is why she is delighted to now have another opportunity to get to know Erfurt and its surroundings better. "But I'm also curious about the academic contacts and the new impetus that will come from them."

We say: "Welcome, Professor Ulrike Wagner-Rau!"