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Thuringian universities present the results of the impact study

In spring 2023, the Thuringian Conference of State Presidents (TLPK) commissioned an impact study on the regional economic significance of Thuringia's universities. The results are now available and demonstrate the outstanding contribution of educational institutions to economic development in the state.

The study, which was conducted by researchers from Heidelberg University, emphasises the importance of Thuringia's universities for the state and its population. The activities are not limited to academic education, but also influence the economy, cultural and social life and the future viability of the state. According to the study, three factors are decisive: One key aspect is the university-related expenditure itself. In 2022, the ten state universities invested around 967 million euros in wages and salaries as well as in materials and services. The almost 46,000 students spent a further 673 million euros. In addition, graduates from the ten universities earned a higher income than their peers without a university degree due to their higher qualifications. The study speaks of almost 700 million euros on the labour market. As a think tank, Thuringia's universities are also a source of inspiration and a partner to the regional economy. In 2022, around 450 companies were based in Thuringia that are considered spin-offs from the universities or start-ups of graduates. These generated additional expenditure totalling 139 million euros in 2022.

Thuringia's universities also communicate their research results and findings to all areas of society. The study shows once again that universities are of outstanding importance for an open and democratic society. They predominantly qualify young people to deal with uncertainty, novelty and complexity and thus make a significant contribution to social development and the consolidation of democracy.

The impact study and its results were also presented to the members of the Thuringian state parliament by the Thuringian universities during a Dinner Debate on 13 March.