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University Health Management expands its offering

Due to the great demand, the University Health Management has now expanded the offer in addition to the "Active Lunch Break", where table tennis can be played in the Audimax building every Thursday at noon, and has set up another opportunity for employees and students to play table tennis after work.

Every Monday from 6 to 9 p.m., table tennis can be played free of charge in the rooms of the former checkroom under the Audimax. Singles, doubles or "Chinese" can be played on three table tennis tables. Jenny Blankenburg is the supervisor. Nets are available, but you must bring your own bat and ball. Please note: Since the offer takes place in the spare time, there is no insurance protection on the part of the university, each participant must provide for this himself.

If you would like to participate, you can register under Moodle/Weiterbildung/Universitäre Gesundheitsförderung/Tischtennis am Abend (registration key: Tischtennis).