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University of Erfurt suspends institutional exchange with universities in Russia for the time being

The Presidium of the University of Erfurt discussed the current situation in Ukraine and Russia at its meeting yesterday and decided in this context to suspend institutional student exchanges with partner universities in Russia for the time being.

This means: Students at our partner universities who are planning to come from Russia are asked to stay at home until further notice. And German students who are planning to study in Russia - at one of our four partner universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk - are advised to look for an alternative, and the International Office will be happy to help. However, this also means that we do not send away students who are already here in Erfurt. The decision also only applies to institutional exchanges, not to applications for regular studies or doctorates/doctoral theses at the university.

The background to this decision is the currently completely unclear situation, the fact that there are corresponding travel warnings, scholarship providers (DAAD, Studienstiftung, etc.) and in the meantime also the DFG have "put their funding on hold" and also the state has informed the University of Erfurt in a letter that it assumes that we will suspend the current exchange for the time being.

If you have any further questions about specific cases, the International Office will be happy to help.