Our health ambassadors introduce themselves!

The topics of mental health, nutrition and exercise motivate the health ambassadors to support university health management.

Portrait photo of Lena Kiesewetter
Lena Kiesewetter

I am a health ambassador because mental health awareness is very important to me. Too often it falls by the wayside in everyday work or study, and far too often mental illness is stigmatized as laziness, lack of commitment, or lack of resilience. As a health ambassador, I would like to advocate for a healthy study and work environment in which mental health is the focus and at the same time no one has to be afraid to speak out about how they are feeling.

Image Yvonne Müller
Dr. Yvonne Müller

I am a health ambassador because I would like to accompany you in your search for inner balance and show you approaches and ideas for your mental and physical well-being. Sport free!

Pictures from Verona Schwarz
Verona Black

I am a health ambassador because my goal is to grow old healthily - and I would like to share this with other interested people. I have made the experience that many long for a healthier lifestyle, but either lack the motivation or do not know how and where to start or think that a health-conscious everyday life is much too costly. I myself have been involved in the topics of healthy eating and sports/exercise for several years and love cooking, baking and enjoying with fresh and health-promoting ingredients that help me and my family to stay efficient and fit.