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Lecture: "Complex, not complicated. Constellations of Church Development".

The large churches in Germany are currently facing the challenge of complex transformation processes. The task of theology is to accompany them attentively and reflect critically. One of those who have long been involved in this process with specialist scientific expertise is the Freiburg pastoral theologian Prof. Dr. Bernhard Spielberg. At the invitation of the Theological Research College at the University of Erfurt, he will give a lecture on Monday, 23 November, starting at 7.15 pm, on the topic "Complex, not complicated. Constellations of Church Development".

Those who understand church development, as Spielberg's publications show, as a complex - not complicated - process will approach the tasks ahead with a new perspective. Less planning on the drawing board and more opportunities for trial and error are needed. This challenges actors at different levels to act in a specific way. The different regional constellations should not be underestimated. The North, South and East of Germany are different. Spielberg will discuss the complex changes that lie ahead on this evening. His lecture will provide an opportunity to consider the challenges of current church development and to discuss regional specifics. After the lecture there will be an opportunity for discussion.

Please note: This is a digital event via Cisco Webex, for which registration is required. Interested parties should contact Christopher Tschorn (christopher.tschorn@uni-erfurt.de) and receive the link to the event.