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What is freedom today? - Celebration of Luther's "Writing of Freedom"

On the occasion of the publication of Martin Luther's "Freedom Writing" 500 years ago, the Gotha Research Library of the University of Erfurt, which preserves the first edition of this writing as a UNESCO World Document Heritage Site, together with the Evangelical Lutheran Church District of Gotha and the Friends of the Gotha Research Library, invites you to a commemorative event on Friday, 30 October. It begins at 18.30 in the Augustinian Church (Klosterplatz 6, 99867 Gotha).

Under the title "What does freedom mean today?" Prof. Dr Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, Chairman of the Council of the Evangelical Church of Germany, and Thuringia's Minister President Bodo Ramelow discuss a term with a long history. Diverse developments in religion, politics and society up to the present day have repeatedly changed its content and significance. Currently, there is fierce debate about freedom of belief, freedom of opinion, freedom of the press and freedom of travel. In the discussion, in which guests can also take part, the significance of the concept of freedom for today's social situation will be examined. The event will be moderated by Dr Catherine Newmark (Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Berlin). It will be recorded by Deutschlandfunk Kultur, broadcast on radio on 8 November and published online as a podcast.

Prior to this event, the parish of Gotha invites you to a festive service at 5 pm in the Margarethenkirche, where Bishop Bedford-Strohm will deliver the sermon.

Further information/contact:
Dr. Sascha Salatowsky
e-mail: sascha.salatowsky@uni-erfurt.de

Friedemann Witting
E-Mail: Kirchenkreis.gotha@arcor.de

The event will take place in strict compliance with the currently valid infection protection regulations. For these reasons, the number of participants is limited to 100. To participate, please register in advance at the office of the Gotha parish by telephone on 03621 302915 or by e-mail: witt@kirchengemeinde-gotha.de. Places will be allocated upon receipt of registrations. When the total number is reached, the list will be closed. On site, an entry will be made in the list of participants with name and address. When entering and leaving the Augustinerkirche, participants must wear a mouth and nose protector, which can be removed from their seat. Entry is free of charge. A donation for the social project LIORA in the Augustinian Monastery is requested.