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Watch out, kids!

After the Children's University Erfurt could not take place in its usual format in the past two years due to the pandemic, it will start a new round in autumn. Starting in November, children from Erfurt and the surrounding area can once again become real students. The Children's University invites the little foxes to put their ears to the ground, sit like the "grown-ups" in real lecture halls and ask the lecturers questions. The programme has just been published and registrations are now open.

At the HELIOS Clinic, the University of Applied Sciences and the University of Erfurt, new exciting topics are again waiting for the mini-students: For example, they can "Calculate like the Romans" or learn what to do about (cyber)bullying, explore how colour gets into petunias and make plant DNA visible in the process, learn about poisonous plants, can look over the shoulder of the hospital's rescue service or learn how to design their homes with all kinds of plants at a lecture followed by a practical seminar. Whether 5 or 14 years old - the events are made for different age groups, participation is free.

Detailed information on the individual events and registration is available on the Children's University website at www.fh-erfurt.de/kinderuni. If you want to make sure you don't miss any news, you can also sign up for the "Schlaufuchs" newsletter at lisa.wollenschlaeger@uni-erfurt.de.

In addition to the current programme, you will also find information about the modalities of the Children's University. Children can participate individually or with their entire school class. However, registration is absolutely necessary in any case.