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We are at your side!

The presidium has once again addressed a letter to the students and employees of the University of Erfurt at the beginning of today's lectures. The circular letter in the wording...

Dear students, dear teachers, dear colleagues,

today the lecture period begins at the University of Erfurt in the hybrid winter semester. This means that many (teaching) events will be held online, some - as of today - but also in attendance. How long attendance courses will still be possible depends on the one hand on whether the hygiene and distance regulations will be tightened even further in Thuringia as the number of infections continues to rise, and on the other hand on the discipline we all have to work on. We must state clearly: At the moment we are "driving by sight" because, as we have seen in the past few days, the situation can change very quickly. We have prepared a hybrid semester with very limited number of classrooms, but we must still expect to "switch" back to a largely complete online operation in the short term. In order to discuss this, the presidium invites the senate to an extraordinary session on Friday, 6 November.

Due to first cases of illness among our students, we would like to draw your attention again to the procedure to be followed in case of a confirmed infection with Covid-19. As far as the university has been informed, we will inform all contact persons known to us in parallel with the public health department immediately if the infection of a student or employee becomes known and ask them to enter quarantine as a precaution. A binding quarantine order cannot be issued by us, but only by the public health department. In addition to the e-mail address gesundheit@uni-erfurt.de, we have also set up a telephone hotline on 0361/737-3737.

In order to prevent infections as far as possible, we once again appeal to all of you to observe the applicable hygiene and clearance rules - not only on campus, but also in your private life - and to refrain from contacts that are not absolutely necessary. This is the only way we can get through the winter semester together. Many thanks!

Stay cheerful and above all healthy!
The presidium