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"With the the Gotha scholarship, my collections entered a new phase"

She spent a month researching at the Gotha Research Library of the University of Erfurt: The exiled author Maryam Goudarzi, who lives in Hamburg, was at the Friedenstein in September 2023 and collected everything she could find for her current novel project, which is dedicated to the topic of "migration" from the perspective of different ethnicities and nationalities, especially in the emigrant letters preserved there. This was made possible by the "Gotha Library Scholarship", which offers both national and international authors the opportunity to come to the city once a year for their literary projects and to work with the holdings of the Gotha Research Library at the University of Erfurt.

"After receiving the Gotha scholarship, my collections entered a new phase," says Iranian-born Maryam Goudarzi. "After learning about the letters of German immigrants in America in the 19th and 20th centuries, I had the idea of looking at migration not just as a social challenge, but as a modern theme. Instead of making the migrant the subject of a work of art, migration itself should be the theme."

In the Gotha Research Library blog, she now reports on her work on site, what has become of her project and what the band Mischpoke has to do with it. Read her blog post here.