Academic Skills Training

The offer of the University of Erfurt related to academic skills and key competences aime at all scientists, thus at employees, university lecturers and scholarship holders or at people interested in doing a doctorate, doctoral candidates or postdoctoral researchers.
The programme contains three fields for the acquisition of competences:

  • offers for the acquisition and development of interdisciplinary key competencies,
  • a mentoring programme for doctoral candidates, postdoctoral researchers and career track professors,
  • individual career coaching for postdoctoral researchers and university lecturers.

We want to support academics of all career stages in the further development of their competences as well as with their cereer strategies in the best possible way. All offers are free of charge, but only members and affiliates of the University of Erfurt can take part in the programme.

You can find more information on the current programme as well as detailed information and the possibility to register by clicking on the respective offer.

Next Offers

You can find offers on university didactics on the pages of the Didactic Programme.

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External offers

The following is a list of free external programmes that may be of particular interest to doctoral candidats.

  • Schreib-Freitag für Promovierende des Schreibzentrums Berlin (German)
  • Eventsof Young Entrepreneurs in Science (English)
  • Prospects: Info Talks on DFG Funding Opportunities for Research Careers


Employee, a.o. Competence-Oriented Personnel Development for Academics
(President's Office and Staff Unit University Development)
Verwaltungsgebäude / Room 1.41