Study and examination regulations for parents

We are happy to advise you individually on the further course of your studies with a child or during pregnancy / maternity leave.

Leave of absence

According to the Thuringian Higher Education Act, students can apply for a leave of absence of up to two semesters. In addition, leave of absence for up to six semesters is possible within the framework of parental leave. Mothers and fathers can be granted leave of absence (even simultaneously) until the child reaches the age of 3. 24 months, i.e. 4 semesters of this parental leave can also be postponed and taken until the child reaches the age of 8.

A leave of absence must be applied for within the re-registration period by presenting the maternity passport and birth certificate. Applicant fathers must prove paternity by submitting a birth certificate. Attention: The application must be made anew every semester. The semester fee is waived during this period. 

Leave semesters do not constitute semesters of study, but are credited towards the total number of university semesters. In contrast to a normal semester of leave of absence, students on parental leave of absence may acquire up to 15 LP per semester (§ 9, paragraph 1 ImmaO). 

Important: During a semester of leave of absence, benefits according to BAföG are not granted!

Part-time study

Another possibility to combine study and family is part-time study. This can be applied for on a semesterly basis and allows the scope of study to be individually adapted to a fixed minimum. Part-time studies can be applied for up to the end of the enrolment period of a semester without giving reasons. The application is then valid until revoked, i.e. the resumption of full-time studies must also be reported by the end of the deadline for enrolment at the latest.

The individual framework examination regulations specify the possible scope in the form of the maximum number of credit points to be earned per semester. You will also find this information summarized on the application form.

Further information: 
In the case of part-time studies, the evaluation of the orientation phase in the Bachelor's programme is only carried out at the end of the second academic year.

Important: Please note that students in part-time studies cannot receive BAföG.

"Education and Study" card

Upon presentation of the child's birth certificate, studying mothers and fathers can apply for a parenting card in Department 1: Studies and Teaching. Together with this, a letter from the university management will be handed out for presentation to the teachers, which explicitly asks them to take into account the double burden of the students in their daily study routine.

The request can be made conveniently by email to A scan of the birth certificate(s) must then be attached to the email.

Deferral of the obligation to pay fees if the standard period of study is exceeded

Students, mothers and fathers with children can, upon application, postpone the obligation to pay fees if the standard period of study is exceeded (long-term study fees) until twice the standard period of study is reached. The prerequisite for this is that the child lives in the same household and that the time spent caring for and raising the child was actually spent parallel to the studies. In addition to a copy of the birth certificate, a current confirmation of registration (household certificate) from the responsible authority (usually the Residents' Registration Office) must be submitted as proof. Only periods of child-raising during the course of study are taken into account. No leave of absence may be taken during the semesters claimed. The application is made in Department 1: Registrar‘s Office.