Guidelines for individual financial support for Master's students for the participation in conferences and workshops abroad

Geld in Töpfen



Master's students can apply for financial support to attend conferences or workshops abroad once during their two years of study.


Eligible activities

  • Active participation in study-relevant workshops, conferences and seminars, insofar as they are conducive to achieving the study objectives.
  • Longer field trips abroad or events with the single purpose of networking cannot be funded.
  • Language and specialized courses abroad cannot be funded; the DAAD PROMOS programme is available for this purpose.

Funding Modalities

  • The funding by the University of Erfurt can amount to a maximum of 200 EUR for academic events in Europe and a maximum of 300 EUR for academic events outside Europe, but this amount does not have to be maxed out.
  • Only travel costs (including accommodation) and participation fees can be covered. Please consider the legal requirements for covering travel costs in the State of Thuringia’s law on travelling expenses (“Thüringer Reisekostengesetz”).
  • Following the event, sponsored students must submit proof of attendance (tickets, confirmation of attendance, or similar). 
  • The costs will be reimbursed following the event upon presentation of the invoices, which must be at least the amount of the granted subsidy, by means of a declaration of acceptance.


  • Applications have to be submitted to the International Office no later than four weeks before the event.
  • Please submit the following documents
    • Statement of purpose (1 page), pointing out the relevance of the event for your studies or career goals and how you are going to be involved,
    • Letter of endorsement by the programme coordinator or supervisor of the Master's thesis
    • Agenda / programme of the conference,
    • Plan of anticipated costs (pointing out financial help from third-parties, if applicable),
    • Invitation by the organizers (if available).

Basis of decision and conditions

  • Is the added value of participating in the event apparent from the motivation letter? Is there an active contribution to the event?
  • Feedback from a member of the Master's programme’s teaching staff on the student's engagement in regular studies.
  • Is the student covering parts of the costs himself/herself?
  • Has the student not yet received funding?
  • The decision is also based on the availability of funds.