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Spring Conference of the International Graduate School "Resonant Self–World Relations"

Under the title "Mediality and Self–World Relations", the International Graduate School "Resonant Self–World Relations" of the Max-Weber-Kolleg of the University of Erfurt and the University of Graz invites you to its spring conference in Erfurt from 6 to 8 March. The organisers are Dina Bijelic (Erfurt), Heinrich Hofer (Erfurt) and Marios Kamenou (Graz).

The objects that researchers deal with are, in one way or another, always connected to media – e.g. artefacts, buildings, books, pieces of music, etc. These can be very different, but represent important historical or contemporary media for the respective scientific investigation, because contact with them opens up a certain section of the world to which the research interest is directed. When approaching a medium, researchers are confronted with the way in which the medium was created, with its nature, its form, its quality or its structure – in short, with its mediality. How media are produced and how scientists perceive them strongly influences the way they deal and interact with them.

During the conference, participants will approach the topic of medialities from different perspectives: from a praxeological point of view, from the sociological point of view of resonant world relations and, thirdly, with regard to the meaning of media in general.

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