Knowledge, Spaces, and Media

Personen schauen auf Karten in der Forschungsbibliothek Gotha

The research focus "Knowledge, Spaces, and Media" will be reconstituted in 2017 in order to create a common basis for the history of knowledge and science (especially in connection with the Gotha Research Centre), historical-cultural space research and media-related research. The diversity of the projects as well as overarching collaborations have long shown that this is an attractive field of research that is capable of development. In the network of the Gotha and Erfurt locations, the mutual constitution processes of knowledge, spaces and media are being investigated. Connecting questions arise from each of these three perspectives, for example: How is knowledge constituted, ordered and historicised in practices, media and objects? How is knowledge spatialized (in archives, collections, exhibitions), and how are spaces produced through practices, knowledge and media? How do media contribute to the production, storage, mediation and transformation of knowledge? And to what extent do media constitute spaces? The core of the research area is thus a specifically Erfurt cultural studies discipline that also integrates social science approaches and - for example in the research group "Religion and Urbanity: Mutual Formations" - integrates religious studies.

Projects of the research focus (German only)


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The actors in the research project "What is Western about the West?" at the University of Erfurt use "West Windows", a format with which they regularly publish small articles that provide insights into their research topic.

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"Karten Wissen Meer. Globalisierung vom Wasser aus" is the title of an exhibition that will open on Friday, July 17th in the Haus der Wissenschaft (Sandstr. 4/5, 28195 Bremen). The University of Erfurt is also participating as part of the BMBF…

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