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University of Erfurt welcomes new scholarship holders at the Gotha Research Campus

This year, the University of Erfurt once again welcomes scientists from all over the world as Herzog Ernst Scholarship Holders and Job Ludwig Fellows at the Gotha Research Campus. In a small ceremony at the research center on the Schloßberg, the currently present researchers have now introduced themselves.

Currently, Dr Hannes Amberger (Oldenburg), Brenda Degger (Paraná), Albert Feierabend (Göttingen), Dr Danielle Heberle Viegas (Jena), Dominic Keyßner (Erfurt), Dr Teferi Mekonnen Bekele (Addis Ababa) and Dr Felix Schlichter (Cambridge) are working on site with Gotha collections. Scholarship holders were welcomed by the mayor of Gotha, Ulf Zillmann, as well as by the director of the Gotha Research Centre, Professor Martin Mulsow, by the director of the Gotha Research Library, Dr Kathrin Paasch, and by Professor Iris Schröder, Director of the Centre for Transcultural Studies/Gotha Perthes Collection.

In addition to these scientists Joanna Cieminska (Lisbon), Dr Charlotte Backerra (Göttingen), Dr Richard Alexander Calis (Cambridge), Dr Mohammad Karimi-Zanjani-Asl (Tehran), Dr Samuel Keeley (Mainz), Dr Johannes Ljungberg (Copenhagen), Dr Frank Nagel (Kiel), Dr Matteo Proto (Bologna), Dr Jürgen Beyer (Tartu), and Professor Erki Tammiksaar (Tartu) as international doctoral candidates, post-docs and established researchers will use their stay in 2023 in Gotha to work with the holdings of the Gotha Research Library at Friedenstein Castle within the framework of a Herzog Ernst Scholarship or a Hiob Ludwig Fellowship. They will be supervised by the Centre for Transcultural Studies / Perthes Collection and the Gotha Research Centre. The fellowships are funded by the Ernst Abbe Foundation Jena.