Corona, WebEx conferences, online teaching, lack of campus life. For many, studying is not easy at the moment. But even apart from the current pandemic, there are situations in which you may need a sympathetic ear and simply want to get things off your chest. That's why the University of Erfurt now has a helpline - run by students for students!

The helpline has launched at the start of lectures in the summer semester 2021. Behind the helpline are students from different fields of study and semesters: some have not been at the University of Erfurt long themselves, others are already doing their doctorate. What do they have in common? They want to support their fellow students with problems and psychological stress related to their studies, listen to them, advise them and refer them to further support services. 

When and how can the helpline be reached?

The helpline can be reached on +49 (0)361 30252964 daily from 7pm to 11pm. (Attention: adjusted times during the exam period!)

In the overview below, you can see how the shifts are filled (in terms of language skills, gender and study status). 

The offer is, of course, anonymous. To ensure your own anonymity as a caller, it is best to switch on the number suppression of your own telephone.

The helpline has two lines per shift and does not have a voicemail. If you call outside the shifts or if both lines are busy, simply try again later. Thank you.

How did the helpline begin?

How did the idea for the worry line come about and how is it being implemented?

The project is presented in the news of 07 April. In addition, the campus blog "Ich mag meine Uni..." features an interview with Hannah Schneider, who has taken over the coordination of the project.