Economics, Law and Social Sciences – Social Science concentration (phased out)

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Bachelor programme

Degree profile

Begin of study
winter semester
6 semester
Academic degree
Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)
full time and part time
Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
Tuition fee
semester contribution only
Admission restriction
no restricted admission
Dual-subject Bachelor
major and minor subject
Teaching language
German, English
School subject
Social studies
Teacher relevance
Secondary schools, Special schools, Vocational schools

The degree programme "Economics, Law and Social Sciences – Social Science concentration" is being phased out. Students who apply now will be enrolled in the new degree programme "Economics, Law and Social Sciences – Social Science concentration 2021".

Bachelor's programme Economics, Law and Social Sciences – Social Science concentration

Course Details

In the major and minor in Social Sciences you will deal with social orders, institutions and organisations. The social sciences focus on the question of how political and social action contexts are created, reproduced and changed.

In researching these connections, they emphasize historical, international and cultural comparison. In addition, the strong profiling of methodological training conveys the importance of social research as a science as well as knowledge of the methods of applied social research.

Social Science in Detail

Structure of the study programme

The bachelor's degree course at the University of Erfurt comprises a major and a minor subject (two-subject bachelor's degree) as well as the fundamental course of study. It aims to impart specialist content and occupational field orientation as well as interdisciplinary skills. The standard period of study is six semesters.

Orientation Phase (First Year)

  • Introduction to the social science theories and basics
  • Government
    • International Relations
    • Analysis of political systems
  • Democracy
    • Theory of Democracy
    • Social structure and political orders
    • German political system
  • Statistics
  • Theories
  • Methods of empirical social research
  • Basic courses in Economics, Law and Social Sciences (in combination with law or economics, international relations or management)

Qualification Phase (Second/Third Year)

  • Social research: quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Political theory
    • History of ideas
    • Basic terms
    • modern political theory
  • International Relations
    • International organizations
    • Peace and conflict research
    • Foreign Policy
  • Sociology
    • Social structure analysis
    • Sociological theory
    • Political sociology
  • comparative government
    • Policy Area Analysis
    • Political institutions
    • Political systems


The major and minor subjects differ in terms of the content and scope of the course. In the major subject a Bachelor thesis is written.

Examinations regulations Economics, Law and Social Sciences

Master Programmes


It is no longer possible to apply for this degree programme. However, you can apply for the new Bachelor's programme:

Enrol now for Economics, Law and Social Sciences - Social Science concentration

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