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Master programme

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Begin of study
winter semester
4 semester
Academic degree
Master of Education (MEd BS)
full time and part time
Erfurt School of Education
Tuition fee
semester contribution only
Admission restriction
no restricted admission
Teaching language
Teacher relevance
Vocational schools

Course Details

The Master of Education Vocational Schools programme at the University of Erfurt deepens a successfully completed course of study in one of the professional fields of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Metal Technology, Health, Care, Personal Hygiene or Social Pedagogy and in one of the general education subjects German, English, Ethics, Protestant Religion, French, Catholic Religion, Mathematics, Social Studies, Sport or in one of the special vocational fields of Energy Technology, Automotive Engineering, Mechatronics or Supply Engineering.

The teacher training programme at the vocational school is divided into three areas:

The subject of the study programme is educational science as well as subject didactics and supplementary subject-specific studies in the respective teaching subjects. On the basis of the first university degree qualifying for a profession, the study programme prepares students for the teaching qualification for two teaching subjects.

Educational science area

  • In the field of educational science, students acquire knowledge about the social prerequisites of vocational schools, teaching and professional teacher training, about the design of vocational teaching and learning processes as well as the development and promotion of individual educational processes, and are given an introduction to vocational science.

Special didactic area

  • In the subject didactic area, you will acquire subject and school type related knowledge and skills on processes of teaching and learning and on the theory-based planning, implementation and evaluation of teaching in the chosen professional field as well as in a teaching subject. In doing so, you will develop both the practical field of teaching at vocational schools and areas of extra-curricular educational practice.

Special scientific area

  • They supplement and deepen subject-specific content in a general subject (German, English, French, Ethics, Protestant or Catholic Religion, Social Studies, Sport, Mathematics) or a specific vocational specialisation.

In addition, internships in educational science and subject didactics must be completed. In addition, a Master's thesis must be written - in the vocational subject area, in the general education subject or in the educational sciences.

You want to study vocational school teaching?

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How to become a vocational school teacher?

Career Opportunities

Our alumni work primarily as teachers at state and private vocational schools (e.g. vocational school teachers). The degree qualifies for the second phase of teacher training, the so-called "Vorbereitungsdienst" (internship).


Education for Vocational Schools in Detail

Structure of study programme

The Master of Education Vocational Schools is designed for a study period of four semesters and can only be taken up in the winter semester. It is divided into three areas and an application-oriented Master's thesis.

Modules from the field of educational science:

  • Introduction to vocational pedagogy
  • Didactics and professional teaching processes
  • Theories, institutions and legal bases of vocational education
  • Research methods
  • Heterogeneity and inclusion
  • Psychological principles and methods of analysis and control of teaching and learning processes
  • Interdisciplinary educational science basics

Modules from the specialist scientific area:

  • subject-specific modules of the general education subject (German, English, French, ethics, Protestant or Catholic religious education, social studies, sport, mathematics)

Modules from the subject didactic area:

  • didactic-practical modules of the general education subject
  • didactic-practical modules of the vocational field

Master's thesis:

  • application-oriented Master thesis


Didactic internships

  • a didactic internship in the selected basic subject
  • two didactic internships in the chosen major subject

more Information about didactic internships

Internships in educational science

  • Internship in the field of: Diagnosis, Assessment and Counselling
  • Internship in the field of: education, classroom management, conflict resolution

more Information about internships in educational science

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Open Day

Numerous information and advisory services offer you the opportunity to see the study and living conditions in Erfurt for yourself at the open day. Get to know the green campus and the beautiful old town centre on guided tours. Information on the program: Open Day

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Are you interested in vocational school teaching? Then why not take a look at one of our courses? We will be happy to arrange an appointment for a suitable course with you by e-mail jeanette.koenig-wendel@uni-erfurt.de or by phone +49 361 737-2073.

Our students

At the University of Erfurt, the master's programme in vocational teaching profession is a rather small programme, which is why the supervision by the lecturers is very good and informal. Even higher-ranking students are well networked with each other, so you can benefit from each other. [...] The campus is very central and you almost always meet someone you know. All of this makes studying really enjoyable.

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Student Berufsbildende Schulen Benjamin
Student Benjamin

Get to know our students:

After Benjamin completed a Bachelor's degree with an option for a teaching profession at vocational schools in the subject combination of Electrical Engineering and Mathematics at the Technical University of Ilmenau, he decided to pursue a Master's degree in Vocational Schools at the University of Erfurt. We talked to him about his path as a future vocational school teacher and what it means when he talks about "vocation".

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Become a vocational school teacher in Thuringia! (in German)

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Consulting & Service

Student advice and counselling

Student Counselor Master of Education (MEd)
(Erfurt School of Education)
Mitarbeitergebäude 1 / Raum 0214
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Dienstags 15-16 Uhr und
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What excites me about my studies...

Student Tobias Berufsbildende Schulen Lehramt
Student Tobias

Tobias is currently studying for a Master of Education in Vocational Schools and Mathematics (certificate programme).

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Exactly right! I studied that too.

Graduate Erik

Erik studied the Master of Education vocational schools and now works as a vocational school teacher in Thuringia.

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Podcast: "Digitisation in Teacher Education" (in German)

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