Primary and Elementary Education (phased out)

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Bachelor programme

Degree Profile

Begin of study
winter semester
6 semester
Academic degree
Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)
full time and part time
Faculty of Education
Tuition fee
semester contribution only
Admission restriction
restricted admission
Dual-subject Bachelor
major subject
Teaching language
School subject
Social Studies and Science
Teacher relevance
Primary schools

The degree programme "Primary and Elementary Education" is being phased out. Students who apply now will be enrolled in the new degree programme "Primary Education 2021".

Bachelor's programme Primary Education

Course Details

The main subject in Primary and Elementary Education teaches you the pedagogical, sociological and psychological foundations of childhood. It serves to understand the teaching and learning processes of children in the transition from pre-school to primary school age as well as in primary school.

In the course of your studies you will acquire the technical foundations for children's educational and upbringing processes, child development and pedagogical values.

Primary and Elementary Education in Detail

Structure of the study programme

The bachelor's degree course at the University of Erfurt comprises a major and a minor subject (two-subject bachelor's degree) as well as the fundamental course of study. It aims to impart specialist content and occupational field orientation as well as interdisciplinary skills. The standard period of study is six semesters.

Orientation Phase (First Year)

  • Introduction to the pedagogy of childhood: childhood and being a child / basics of empirical childhood research
  • psychological foundations of learning, teaching and child development
  • Fachwissenschaft Deutsch: Language system and language usage/basic questions of literary communication
  • Mathematics: Arithmetic and algebraic basic concepts/geometry
  • Basics of the subjects German, mathematics and subject teaching (local and general knowledge)
  • Introduction to the didactics of German and mathematics / basics of the didactics of subject teaching
  • if necessary, foundation of school garden or technical communication and technical drawing

Qualification Phase (Second/Third Year)

  • Teaching and learning in primary school
  • Didactics and Methodology of Mathematical Learning Processes in Primary School/ Consolidation of German Didactics
  • Educational worlds of children in pre-school/out-of-school contexts
  • Literary, aesthetic and written language education at pre-school age/out-of-school

Specialist knowledge for the fourth subject is acquired with the minor course.

The course of study is concluded with a Bachelor's thesis.

The variant "Primary School" and the variant "Pre- and Extracurricular Education" differ in the scope of the modules.


The major and minor subjects differ in terms of the content and scope of the course. In the major subject a Bachelor thesis is written.

Examinations regulations major Primary und Elementary Education 2012

Master Programmes

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Master of Education Primary Schools


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