Head of Staff Unit University Development (President's Office and Staff Unit University Development)


Verwaltungsgebäude / room 1.25

+49 361 737-5009

Visiting address

University of Erfurt
Nordhäuser Str. 63
99089 Erfurt

Mailing address

University of Erfurt
Postfach 900 221
99105 Erfurt

Kerstin Amrhein

Kerstin Amrhein completed her Master's degree in Romance Studies and Political Science at Justus Liebig University Gießen. She initially worked at the University of Erfurt - from 1999 to 2008 - as a faculty assistant in the Faculty of Philosophy. She then took over the management of the President's Office. Since the internal restructuring and assignment of further tasks to the President's Office | Staff Unit University Development, she has shared the management with Dr Katharina Held.