Slight increase in the number of first-semester students

The University of Erfurt has started the winter semester 2023/24 with a total of 6005 students. This means that the number is roughly at the same level as the previous year.

The number of first-year students, on the other hand, rose slightly to 1064, as did the number of students from abroad (161) who began their studies at the University of Erfurt. The Bachelor's programmes of the Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences, in particular International Relations, but also Teaching, Learning and Training Psychology, Primary Education, as well as the Master's programmes in Communication Studies, Public Policy and the Master of Education for Primary Schools, met with particularly great interest among first-year students. In addition, the number of first-year students for the teaching profession at secondary schools has almost doubled.

"We are pleased that we can once again welcome so many new students to the campus despite the enormous challenges of the past few years and the overall decline in the number of high school graduates," says Professor Gerd Mannhaupt, Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Erfurt. "This shows that we can still score points with our course offerings, good supervision from the very beginning and comparatively short study times."

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