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6th Erfurt Symposium for Development and Learning

Under the title "Spreading a net for children: Recognising and using risks and opportunities for development", the now "6th Erfurt Symposium for Development and Learning" will take place at the University of Erfurt from 18 January 2021. Due to the current corona pandemic, it will be held in digital format; no participation fee will be charged.

Based on the experience of the past years and the feedback of the participants, the spectrum of content will be expanded this time and, in addition to early childhood development promotion, the entirety of development and learning processes in childhood will be considered. This has already been demonstrated in the workshop programme in previous years and is now to be reflected in the title. The close link between development and learning and the need to design and guide transitions should thus become clear.

In a variety of contributions, Symposium 2021 will address the risks for children's development and the opportunities that need to be seized. Different approaches to observation and support enable a differentiated view of the challenges in nursery and school and shed light on their common tasks. The event is aimed at teachers, pedagogical, curative and special education as well as medical-therapeutic professionals and scientists. In addition, parents, students and all other interested parties are cordially invited.

Participation is particularly easy in 2021. From 18 January, you can watch the lectures online, whether from the breakfast table or on the sofa in the evening. All you have to do is register on the GlocalCampus.org platform. You can find further information at www.erfurter-symposium.de. Every week several contributions are uploaded. You can ask your questions in writing to the speakers. They will collect your questions and answer them in the form of a podcast, which can also be found on the platform.

Online contributions:

  •     Learning together and from each other: "playing" to become social (Prof. Dr. Susanne Jurkowski)
  •     Perceive, describe, interpret: Observing in everyday educational life (Dr. Katja Bianchy)
  •     Systemic consulting: Possibilities and chances of digitisation (Lukas Mundelsee)
  •     Stress yourself right: How we make stress our best friend (Symbioun e.V.)
  •     The Thuringian School Cloud and its possibilities (ThILLM - Department 4.1 Media Education)
  •     Considerations on the transition from kindergarten to school for children with special needs in the Central Thuringia school district (Jan Dominik & Antje Großheim)
  •     "Exceptionally diverse" opportunities for gender- and diversity-aware communication (Coordination Office Equal Opportunities Saxon Universities)

Further contributions will be announced in due course.