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"China, mein Vater und ich"

23. Jan 2024, 8.00 pm
Theaterhaus Jena
MEINS?! Strukturwandel des Eigentums – Literatur meets Wissenschaft
SFB "Structural Change of Property"
Author Felix Lee and Stefan Schmalz (University of Erfurt)
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Reading and discussion with author Felix Lee ("China, mein Vater und ich"). An event of the Collaborative Research Centre "Structural Change of Property" at the Theaterhaus Jena. Admission costs 5 euros.

Felix Lee reads from his novel "China, mein Vater und ich". Afterwards, he will discuss China's social changes and how the idea and reality of property has changed as a result with sociologist Stefan Schmalz, who is researching China in the Collaborative Research Centre "Structural Change of Property".

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About the series

Who owns what and why? How are property and democracy connected and what role does the state play? How does property shape us and our relationships with others?

A lot is currently in motion: In times of economic and ecological crises, growing social inequality and technological change, a variety of conflicts over private property are being fought out, but alternative ideas of ownership are also being developed and tried out. However, property is not only a controversial institution of capitalist societies, but is so omnipresent and taken for granted in everyday social life that it is often not even explicitly addressed. Property also leaves its traces where we do not see or suspect it.

In a joint series, the Collaborative Research Centre "Structural Change of Property" at the Universities of Jena and Erfurt and the Jena Theatre House are bringing property to the stage. We go in search of traces in literature, novels, stories and biographies, because the question of ownership is not only an economic and political one, but is also rich in stories, emotions, experiences and individual challenges.

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