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Conference on Liturgy, Bible and Transformation in the Church

"Liturgie, Bibel und Transformation in der Kirche" (Liturgy, Bible and Transformation in the Church) is the title of a conference to which the professorship for liturgical studies at the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Erfurt invites participants from 12 to 14 October 2022. The event will take place at the Marcel Callo Educational Centre in Heiligenstadt. Registrations are still possible until 15 July.

The Catholic Church is undergoing far-reaching upheavals: Institutions and structures are being criticised, as are church programmes and the content of the proclamation. And the liturgy is seen as having less and less relevance to life. Taking the Bible as a starting point, the conference asks for a new orientation for worship in this transformation process and brings together theological science and practice. What impulses do biblical narratives offer in the transformation? How can individuals in worship be strengthened by the Bible? How does the Bible accompany transformation in worship? In addition to theological reflection, innovative practical examples will be presented. New models of hourly liturgy and liturgy of the word will be presented and discussed, as well as experimental approaches to communal Bible interpretation.

Registrations are accepted until 15 July at the Catholic Forum (P.O. Box 800662 in 99032 Erfurt // e-mail: kath.forum@bistum-erfurt.de).

A block seminar will be offered to accompany the conference. There will be a charge for participation, you can ask Magdalena Lorek about the amount. Registration is also possible until 15 July.

Link to registration with Magdalena Lorek for the block seminar