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Conversion to Windows 11

The manufacturer will no longer provide updates for the Windows 10 operating system, which is currently used on most computers at the University of Erfurt. The system will only be supported by Microsoft until October 2025 and would pose a security risk if it continued to be used. Against this background, it is necessary to convert the workstation systems at the University of Erfurt to the Windows 11 version.

The University Computer and Media Center (URMZ) is planning to switch to Windows from the start of the 2024/25 winter semester – in some areas and by the end of the year. Newly procured devices will also be delivered with Windows 11 instead of Windows 10 from the start of the winter semester. Corresponding training courses on the use of Windows 11 will be offered to employees from September. Anyone who would like to take part can register at www.uni-erfurt.de/universitaetsrechen-und-medienzentrum/dienste/weiteres/weiterbildung.

"Among other things, Windows 11 offers a more modern look and more security functions," explains Torsten Grisel from the URMZ in the run-up to the changeover. "Some things are certainly a little different, such as the structure of the Windows settings, but you can actually find your way around quickly. Basically, you can say that anyone who gets on with Windows 10 will have no problems with Windows 11. For anyone who still feels unsure, the URMZ offers an online self-study course on Windows 11."

further information / contact:

Nicole Ackermann
Mitarbeiterin IT-Dienste und Infrastruktur
(University Computer and Media Centre)
Torsten Grisel
Mitarbeiter IT-Dienste und Infrastruktur
(University Computer and Media Centre)