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New publication on the resonance of Christian music

Oxford University Press is publishing a new book by Mark Porter in November, which deals with the resonance of Christian music.

In this book, entitled "Ecologies of Resonance in Christian Musicking", the post-doctoral researcher at the Max Weber College of the University of Erfurt examines a diverse spectrum of Christian musical activities through the conceptual lens of resonance, a concept rooted in the physical, vibrational and tonal realms, and whose ability to describe personal, social and spiritual realities simultaneously was demonstrated by Hartmut Rosa.

Porter proposes to understand the dynamics of religious music-making in a new way by observing patterns of resonant interaction that exist in and alongside sonic activity. He examines a variety of phenomena, from the church fathers to Bach and Internet meditations. At the same time, his concept provides a means of bringing different religious music traditions into dialogue with one another. Hartmut Rosa, director of the Max Weber College: "This is a groundbreaking book that points the way to a completely new understanding of the role of music in religious experience.

The book will be published in November 2020 and can be ordered now with a discount.

Mark Porter
Ecologies of Resonance in Christian Musicking
Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780197534106
192 pages
£ 64.00