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Die Quelle aller Angst und die Nabelschnur zum Leben

Hartmut Rosa

Erich Fromms Philosophie aus resonanztheoretischer Sicht (Erich Fromm-Preis 2018)
Edition Erich Fromm Lectures
Zeuys Books, 2020
ISBN 978-3-903893-05-4
72 pages


The Erich Fromm Prize is awarded by the International Erich Fromm Society to individuals who, through their academic, social, socio-political or journalistic commitment, have made or are making outstanding contributions to the preservation or recovery of humanistic thought and action in the sense of Erich Fromm. In 2018, Hartmut Rosa received this award for his "Sociology of World Relations and the Good Life". This publication documents his contribution at the award ceremony.