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Invitation to the online conference on postcolonial religious studies

What might postcolonial religious studies look like? This question is explored in the international online conference "From Universalism to Ethnopathos - Religious Knowledge in the Colonial Encounter between India and Germany", organized by Dr. Isabella Schwaderer, staff member of the Professorship of General Religious Studies at the University of Erfurt, which will be held on January 16 and 17, 2021 via Webex. Interested parties are invited to participate in the lectures and discussions.

If one follows the assumption of the renowned scholar of religion David Chidester that "comparative scholars in border areas have reinvented all religions", it is precisely the idea of India in the German intellectual history of the late 18th to the beginning of the 20th century that offers the starting point for considerations on how to expose professional power of interpretation and its underlying system of rule and truth. These can also be directly related to developments in the concept of religion in colonial India, thus creating a dense picture of complex encounters. The basis for discussion at this English-language conference will be to sound out this history of interrelations between religion, racist worldview, and national fantasies of renewal.

Registration for the Webex-Room is now possible by e-mail to isabella.schwaderer@uni-erfurt.deLectures will be available for registered guests on the conference website a few days before the conference begins. The conference itself will primarily serve to deepen and discuss the topics.