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Erfurt University Library Presents "Gefesselte Blicke"

From 24 November 2023 to 04 February 2024, the Erfurt University Library presents an exhibition of posters from the early days of cinema entitled "Gefesselte Blicke" ("Captivated Glances"). The 14 originals and 25 facsimiles take a look at gender relations in the 1920s. A catalogue with contributions by students of the Bauhaus University Weimar and the University of Erfurt will also be published, which will be presented on 23 November on the occasion of the exhibition opening from 6 p.m. in the "Hilgenfeld" campus café.

Exhibition poster

Visually oriented mass media celebrated their breakthrough in the 1920s. However, most of the films from the early days of cinema have not survived. And so today, only their colourful posters convey the diversity of the film culture of that time. The exhibition "Gefesselte Blicke" now shows a selection of these historical large-format posters, together with further advertising material for the films.

The selection of posters focuses on the representation of gender relations in the 1920s. On display are images of women ranging from the fashionable "lady in the mask" to the pitiful "lost bird". The exhibition is intended to help ensure that this legacy of European film culture remains anchored in society's collective memory. A virtual exhibition in the online portal of the German National Library documents the findings in the long term and also makes them accessible to a wider audience beyond Thuringia.

The exhibition is based on a cooperation between the Bauhaus University Weimar, the University of Erfurt and the two university libraries and is funded by the Thuringian State Chancellery.


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