Highlights of Erfurt History

What do beer, the "latrine fall", Napoleon, Till Eulenspiegel, Adam Ries, Turbine Erfurt and the University of Erfurt have in common? They are part of the stories that Dr Steffen Raßloff, historian and publicist, now tells in his book "Erfurt - 55 Highlights of History", just published by Sutton.

Erfurt looks back on a long and eventful history: the city has been the scene of significant events, an important commercial and cultural centre and the place of work of outstanding personalities and institutions. In this 120-page book, Steffen Rassloff therefore writes about people, places and events that have shaped the Thuringian state capital to this day.

And the University of Erfurt, with its exciting history as the oldest and at the same time one of the youngest state universities in Germany today, is of course not to be missed. The university where Martin Luther received his academic training, the civic university, the university where around 6,000 students live and work today, but also the university where Max Weber, one of the founding fathers of German sociology, still has a firm place today. But read for yourself...