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Kick-off workshop "University Health Management"

Together with the AOK PLUS as cooperation partner, the University of Erfurt today held a kick-off workshop on university health management.

In six panels, the members of the steering committee and other employees*, professors* and students interested in the topic of health discussed the further development of health management and new measures for the next three years: In view of the continuing corona pandemic, the topic of "mental health" will be given even greater focus. In addition, a survey of the university group "Campus Worlds" on the mental health of students in the Corona semester revealed an increased need for courses on mindfulness, resilience and stress management. Against this background, further offers are now to be developed. In addition, the members of the university group have announced that they will support their new fellow students with campus walks and city tours and make new contacts possible.

Further information on university health management at the University of Erfurt can be found on our internal service pages.