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Martin Mulsow appointed member of the Danish Royal Academy of Sciences

Martin Mulsow, Professor of Cultures of Knowledge in Modern Europe and Director of the Gotha Research Centre at the University of Erfurt, has been appointed a member of the Danish Royal Academy of Sciences.

The Danish Royal Academy of Sciences, founded in 1742, appoints outstanding scientists as new members every year. This honor has now been bestowed on Martin Mulsow, a historian of ideas and knowledge from Erfurt, who has headed the Gotha Research Centre at the University of Erfurt for 15 years. Mulsow is already a member of the Saxon Academy of Sciences (since 2012) and the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences (since 2016).

Martin Mulsow studied Philosophy, German Studies, and History and received his doctorate in Munich with a thesis on Renaissance Philosophy before completing his habilitation with a dissertation on the radical early enlightenment. As a researcher, he has devoted himself to the early modern scholars' republic as well as secret societies and has published on alchemy as well as on the history of knowledge of hair. Last year, Mulsow published a widely acclaimed book on the global history of ideas. Some of his numerous monographs have been translated into English and French. The projects he has carried out at the Gotha Research Centre and the conferences he has organized have met with great interest in international research on the early modern period.


Holder of the professorship Wissenskulturen der Europäischen Neuzeit
(Faculty of Philosophy)