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Max Weber Award for Young Researchers 2024 Announced

The Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies at the University of Erfurt (Max-Weber-Kolleg) announces the Max Weber Award for Young Researchers. This prize is intended to honour the outstanding work of a young researcher in the context of a Weberian research programme, i.e. in the field of interdisciplinary cultural and social studies with historical depth and/or interest in normative questions. Applications can be submitted until 15 June. The prize is sponsored by the "Sparkassenstiftung" Erfurt.

The aim is not an exegesis of the work of Max Weber, but rather the application of his research programme to questions of cultural, religious and social science.

Funding is available for completed dissertations or habilitations in the following and related disciplines: sociology, history, religious studies, economics, law, philosophy and theology. The aim is not exegesis of the work of Max Weber, but rather to apply his research programme to questions of cultural, religious and social science.

The prize is awarded every two years and has a volume of 1,500 EUR, which can be used for research purposes, especially publication printing subsidies and/or to finance a one-month research stay at the Max-Weber-Kolleg. In case of a research stay, the Max-Weber-Kollege will provide a workplace with infrastructure. In addition, the Max-Weber-Kollege pays the travel expenses within Europe for the journey to the award ceremony.

Submissions can be made for dissertation or habilitation thesis completed in the years 2022 to 2023 (completed means either officially submitted as a dissertation or habilitation thesis or the date of the last examination). The award ceremony will probably take place during the Academic Annual Celebration of the Max-Weber-Kolleg in the year 2025 in Erfurt. Applications are open to young researchers from all the disciplines mentioned and from all countries. Applications must include a curriculum vitae, the thesis in print and electronically and a one-page justification explaining the contribution the thesis makes to a Weberian research programme, as well as – if available – expert reports on the qualification thesis. The theses must be written in English or German.

Please send applications by 15.06.2024  to
Max-Weber-Kolleg of the University of Erfurt
PO 900 221
99105 Erfurt
electronically to: dekanat.mwk@uni-erfurt.de.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr Bettina Hollstein.

Managing Director
(Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies)
Research Building "Weltbeziehungen" C19.00.26
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