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Mental fit for exams

The University Health Management of the University of Erfurt, together with its health partner AOK PLUS and the USV University Sports Centre, has prepared a "Psychologically fit for exams" programme with digital event offerings for the last two weeks of lectures in the winter semester.

For example, the two-part course "Learning Strategies & Time Management" primarily deals with teaching reading and learning techniques, procrastination and time management to enable efficient exam preparation. The two online workshops "Resilience and Mindfulness" and "Stress Management - Everything in Balance" also provide insights into how to prepare for exams healthily and efficiently.

In the online lecture "Study-Life-Balance", you will learn innovative strategies for achieving a relaxed balance between your studies, free time, family and friends. A second lecture, "Good night!?", provides information on how to get a good and restful night's sleep. There will be plenty of room for discussion in both lectures, followed by an online chat in which your individual questions will be answered.

In the "Active Break" you can prevent muscular tension in the shoulder and neck area and back problems! The digital break course, offers exercises to improve strength and flexibility, combined with simple forms of exercise for stretching and relaxation and can be completed at the workplace.

Yoga can help harmonise life, awaken dormant abilities and increase self-confidence. A Pilates class offers a holistic body workout to strengthen the muscles. Is working out the best remedy for exam stress? Then Iron Body - an intensive group workout with music - would be ideal. USV invites all interested parties to these three online taster courses.

Registration for all courses:
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Enrolment code: Prüfungsfit

You can find more information in our new health newsletter on the University Health Management website.