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New Department 5: "University Planning, Controlling and Procurement"

The Presidium of the University of Erfurt has created a new Department 5: "University Planning, Controlling and Procurement" with effect from September 1. This means that in future general legal matters on the one hand and procurement and awarding of contracts on the other will be handled separately in organisational terms. The previous legal department of the University of Erfurt was dissolved with effect from September 1, 2020.

Christine Arnhold will in future be assigned directly to the Head of Administrations as legal advisor. She will continue to be responsible for all legal matters of the University to the extent that these are not represented by the relevant departments and, together with Bernhard Becher (Department 1), will be the complaints office in the sense of the Directive on Protection against Discrimination, Harassment and Violence (Ri-AGG-UE) and the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG). The staff unit Controlling, the awarding office and the procurement office will be merged into the new Department 5 under the leadership of Christian Schellhardt.

The availability (office/telephone/e-mail) and professional competence of the colleagues concerned will not change for the time being.