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New publication: Lebenswert in Verantwortung

A new book by Thomas Bahne and Josef Römelt entitled "Lebenswert in Verantwortung" (Worth Living in Responsibility) has been published by Echter publishing house in the series "Erfurter Theologische Studien" (Erfurt Theological Studies) and deals with the ethical challenges in the Corona pandemic.

Medical and social aspects are at the forefront in dealing with the Corona pandemic. They raise a host of ethical questions: How to deal humanely with loneliness in the lockdown? How to distribute the economic burdens fairly? Is solidarity indispensable to overcome the crisis? Is it merely forced or is it rooted in deep values? Do they shape the community of life in Europe and in the globally interconnected world? How to provide medical resources in a morally and legally responsible way in the face of extreme emergencies? What does it mean to appropriately integrate boundaries experienced in the process against the background of binding ethical principles?

This volume seeks to clarify such issues. And it wants to give hope from a theological perspective, because in the hard conflicts the Christian faith is a help.

Thomas Bahne and Josef Römelt (eds.)
Lebenswert in Verantwortung
Ethische Herausforderungen in der Corona-Pandemie
(series: „Erfurter Theologische Studien“)
Verlag Echter, 2022
ISBN 978-3-429-05678-0
176 pages
24 EUR

ISBN 978-3-429-05178-5
20,99 EUR (PDF)

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