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New study profile "International Communication"

The University of Erfurt is making a new offer for Bachelor students who want to work in the field of international communication after graduation.

In the Bachelor's programme portfolio of the University of Erfurt, it is not possible to choose a combination of "Communication Studies" as a major and "International Relations" (IB) as a minor. Nevertheless, there are regularly students who are interested in exactly this combination in order to open up a professional field in the area of international communication tasks. Up to now, they have only had the option, conversely, of choosing "International Relations" as their major and "Communication Studies" as their minor. In the future, there will be an additional option for them. This option will allow students majoring in "Communication Studies" who complete certain courses in the field of IB as part of their minor in Economics, Law and Social Sciences to create a personal study profile in "International Communication" and to have this profile included in their diploma supplement at the end of their studies.

Further information can be found on the pages of the respective degree programmes or on the website of the Department of Communication Studies.