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Niklas Radenbach elected as new Diversity Officer

Niklas Radenbach, a member of staff in the President's Office, is the new Diversity Officer at the University of Erfurt. The Senate elected him for a term of three years at the suggestion of the President, who chairs the Diversity Advisory Board.

According to the Thuringian Higher Education Act (ThürHG, Paragraph 7), the Diversity Officer represents the interests of all members of the university in the area of diversity and works closely with the Equal Opportunity Officer, the Representative for the Severely Disabled and the Inclusion Officer to organise teaching, study and working conditions for them. Niklas Radenbach has been closely involved in the work of the Diversity Advisory Board, in which the head of the International Office as well as academics and students work closely together. He would like to continue this close cooperation on a diversity strategy for the University in his new role. During his presentation to the Senate, he emphasised: "I think it is important to start from a broad understanding of diversity and to understand how to deal with it as a cross-sectional task for the entire university. There are already many important activities and people who are committed to this. Networked and coordinated, we can still achieve a lot here."

One of the most important tasks in the coming months - in consultation with all those involved - will be the monitoring and management of the diversity audit in which the University of Erfurt is participating.

We wish Niklas Radenbach all the best in his new important task!