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Online training against learning and exam stress

Exam stress? Students of the Master's in Psychology at the University of Erfurt now have something to do about it: Together, they have developed an online training course that is designed to help their fellow students acquire scientifically sound knowledge in order to reduce study and exam stress and thus maximize their academic success. The whole thing will be available from January 10 to 30 in easy-to-understand, ten-minute videos on the e-learning platform Moodle.

"The aim of the psychological training is to promote self-regulated learning, which is a central key competence for successful studies," explain Antonia Kappner, Sebastian Grün, Marika Baumbach, Lena Hoffmann, Katja Schröder, Nicole Tchorz and Diana Szczepanik from the project team. The online training is aimed at all students at the University of Erfurt, who can also receive trial hours for participation if required. In addition to a short introductory video on the topic of self-regulated learning, the course consists of a total of 18 additional videos that can be accessed via Moodle. There are three videos each on the topics "Learning strategies, goal setting, time management, study motivation, concentration and procrastination".  Accompanying material includes digital worksheets and self-tests that can be completed to promote in-depth study of the content. The impact of the training will then be evaluated by means of a pre- and post-survey.

Sebastian Grün explains how the idea of the online training came about: "On the one hand, we want to use the project to support our fellow students in their learning, but at the same time the whole thing is also a small research project that we are conducting under the supervision of Dr. Christine Johannes. The topic is the promotion of so-called self-regulated learning (SRL). Ultimately, it is about a comparison of two versions of the training: The first training already took place in November with about 80 students, now we are going into the second round, which we developed as part of the module "Method Study". However, to ensure comparability, the participants from back then can't take part this time."

So if you want to be part of it, you can participate in the pre-survey at https://www.soscisurvey.de/trainingsstudie_srl/ and you will be automatically enrolled in the Moodle room, where the videos can be accessed until the end of January. At the beginning of each new week, more videos will be released, and participants can decide for themselves which videos they would like to work on and when. A contact person will be named at the beginning of each video in case questions or problems arise.

Antonia Kappner and Sebastian Grün will be happy to answer any further questions about the online training.