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Priority Deadline for MPP applications is approaching

Prioritize your career! Would you like to get your admission letter to our MPP program as early as March? Then apply online before February 28 and pave your way towards a splendid future.

Our priority deadline is approaching! Applying online is easy and straightforward; an early application will prove extremely helpful. We encourage everyone to apply before the Priority Deadline of February 28, 2022. Experience has shown that an early application and admission dramatically increases your chances for starting and studying the MPP successfully, as you will have time for the visa applications and for finding means of financing.

You can find more information about deadlines, admission requirements und the application process here.

Our Master of Public Policy program trains young academics and professionals who strive to be the future leaders in the public service, including government agencies, international organizations, and the non-profit sector.  The MPP program equips future decision makers with the knowledge and practical skills they will need to advance the public interest and make sound policy decisions.