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Prof. Andreas C. Goldthau discusses paths to increase resilience in the raw materials sector

Brandt School Director Prof. Andreas C. Goldthau recently participated in a panel discussion hosted by the EnBW Foundation for Energy and Climate Protection to discuss the lessons learned from energy dependence on Russia and what it means for supply chain diplomacy in the future.





Professor Andreas C. Goldthau was recently featured on a panel discussion “Raw materials - new partners, old dependencies” organized by the EnBW Foundation for Energy and Climate Protection on March 23, 2023 in Stuttgart. During the evening, Goldthau discussed the question of what lessons should be learned from energy dependence on Russia. Other panelists included Ulf Heitmüller, CEO of VNG AG, and Anne Lauenroth, Senior Manager Raw Materials Policy in the Department of International Cooperation, Security, Raw Materials and Space at the Federation of German Industries (BDI). During the conversation, it became clear that a shift in thinking has begun for critical minerals, strategic commodities, and vulnerable supply chains in general. "Supply chain diplomacy," Goldthau said, is the term of the moment. Especially in resource-rich countries in Africa, he said, it is not enough to do it “like China, only better,” as this leads to new extractive practices. Instead, the focus must be on value creation in the local countries

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