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Prof. Dr. Dr. Csaba Földes elected member of the Academia Europaea

Csaba Földes, Professor of German Linguistics at the University of Erfurt, has been elected a full member of the Academia Europaea.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Csaba Földes
Prof. Dr. Dr. Csaba Földes

The non-governmental scientific society, founded in 1988, currently has around 4000 members, including 72 Nobel Prize winners. The aim of the Academy is to advise governments and international organisations on scientific issues and to promote interdisciplinary and international research.

"The appointment is a great honour and pleasure for me", explains Professor Földes, "and at the same time an obligation to continue to conduct scientific research intensively, ambitiously and responsibly in the context of this renowned organisation, to improve and promote public understanding of the sciences in accordance with the aims of the Academy, and to take care of young scientists even more strongly and effectively. I also hope that membership will open up new academic opportunities for me".

However, the University of Erfurt will also benefit from the appointment of its professor as a member of the Academia Europaea, not least because it means new academic opportunities: contacts, networking and information, e.g. with regard to new projects or scholarships for doctoral students etc. In addition, the University of Erfurt will gain international visibility.