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Doctoral Preparation at the Max-Weber-Kolleg

The Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies at the University of Erfurt (MWK) offers a six-month doctoral preparation programme for applicants at the MWK as part of its study programme. Applications are possible until 28 February.

This offer is aimed at early stage researchers who have completed an excellent Master's degree and who wish to pursue an interdisciplinary doctorate in the context of the Weber research programme at the Max Weber Kolleg, which can be supervised by members of the Kolleg. A one-semester preparation period for the doctorate is offered to suitable early stage researchers, which enables individualised supervision by a mentor, so that at the end of the doctoral preparation an exposé is available that enables application to the doctoral programme of the Max Weber Kolleg. The doctoral preparation is oriented towards the individual needs of each participant. It consists of mentoring with regard to the research question of the dissertation project and the state of research, participation in selected colloquia and the opportunity to participate in seminars and in the qualification programme of the University of Erfurt. Certificates are issued for participation in the university's qualification programme. The admission procedure as a doctoral candidate to the Max Weber Kolleg remains unaffected.

The Max Weber Kolleg offers financial support for participation in the doctoral preparation for the duration of usually 6 months in the form of a scholarship, which is awarded according to the scholarship statutes of the University of Erfurt. The doctoral preparation usually starts on 1 April. Direct follow-up funding in the case of acceptance as a doctoral candidate from a doctoral scholarship can only be made possible if the full 6 months are not required for the preparation of the exposé.

As the Max Weber Kolleg would like to support women in a special way, applications from women will be accepted preferentially. For further information on the requirements and application modalities, please refer to the call for applications (German only).

Dr. Elisabeth Begemann will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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